Propartners Pioneers Equity Partnership in Ghana
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  • Aug 8, 2020
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If there be any country in the world with excellent ideas, Ghana cannot be counted out. But that’s what it is. Ideas!

There can be nothing wrong about having ideas, especially those relating to business start-ups and entrepreneurship.

Suffice to say, it is one thing developing ideas. But it is another thing transforming those ideas into real businesses.

Undoubtedly, some great ideas are presented to the country’s tertiary institutions as project works, dissertations and theses by final year students every year. These publications are left unfortunately, on shelves at the universities and polytechnics, gathering dust because of lack of capital resources.

In our part of the world, Venture capitalists are as good as they sound on paper. Banks and other financial institutions on the other hand are reluctant to offer loans to start-ups. Even if they do, the terms are usually unfriendly to infant and emerging businesses.

In the light of the above realities, ProPartners Exchange Limited, a business support services company has introduced Business and Equity Partnership services to connect Entrepreneurs with young businesses to capital resources from Equity Capital Partners. The partnerships are managed by ProPartners to protect the interests of each party.

Unlike most of the financial institutions in Ghana, which offer finance in loans, and leave these young businesses to their fate, ProPartners is passionately involved with every business venture under our partnership model.

The Business and Equity Partnership solution offers more than just capital. We are fully committed to the overall success of every venture. We are committed to maximising profit for the partners.

The key phrase here is ‘’business and equity’’. You are involved. We are involved too. Your gains are our gains. Your losses are our losses.

Your business is our business!

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