Startup Partnership
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Startup Partnership

We start with you from the very scratch. It starts with the registration and review or preparation of your business plan. The relationship is built through our brief coaching, mentoring and incubation program, requiring strong commitment from the entrepreneur.

Determined entrepreneurs and promising businesses become eligible for branding and equity funding of any amount for establishing their businesses. It’s that fast to start your business!

Let’s begin a relationship now.

  1. Fill our customer form (with valid National ID, Passport Photo, Utility Bill, and Business Certificates-optional)
  2. Pay a refundable commitment fee of GHc 50.00
  3. Discuss written business plan (submitted or prepared by our team)
  4. Undergo coaching and mentoring (optional)
  5. Wait for appraisal report (duration depends on preparedness of entrepreneur)
  6. Sign agreement for funding and branding

Contact us via: 0302729536, or info@businessgroup.propartners.com.gh